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Jonathan Groff talks about Lea Michele on SiriusXM

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Check out this clip of Jonathan talking about Lea on SiriusXM

Behind The Scenes of Lea Michele’s Teen Vogue Cover Shoot

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Check out Jonathan and Lea on the set of her Teen Vogue cover shoot.

Popsugar: Looking Premiere (Red Carpet Video)

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Jonathan talks about Lea and the possiblity of her gueststarring on Looking! Lea also attended the premiere with Jonathan.

Lea Michele on Glee’s 100th Episode

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Come 2014, the original cast of “Glee” will all be back together again when the 100th episode airs on Fox. And there’s no one more excited than Lea Michele.

“I’m so excited. I can’t wait to [see] everyone at work. I’m so excited to see Amber [Riley]. I’m so excited to Mark [Salling] and Harry [Shum Jr.] and Dianna [Agron] and Heather [Morris]. I think Kristen Chenoweth is coming back,” she told MTV News. “I’m trying so hard to get Jonathan Groff to come back for an episode. It’s gonna be great… I think the 100th episode is going to be very emotional, obviously, surrounded by the family. It’s like we can do anything together.”


Jonathan Groff: Just Jared Spotlight of the Week (interview)

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Jonathan talks about Lea in his interview with Just Jared for Spotlight of the Week:

JJ: Do you see yourself working with Lea Michele again in the future?

JG: I hope so! I’m having dinner with her tonight and I see her all the time. I love working with her and it’s the same thing with Ryan Murphy. When you go back to work with someone that you’ve worked with before, there is a shorthand and an ease. With her and I, we’ve done such intense and intimate work together on Spring Awakening and then we had so much fun on Glee. I know that we’ll be in each others lives forever, but it would be fun to continue that creative collaboration as well.

JJ: Lea called you out on TV for not calling on her birthday last year. What did you do to make up for it this year?

JG: So she had a little party that I obviously attended. [Laughs] There is this nickname that a yoga teacher called us that we sort of latched onto, which we thought was really funny, and so I got t-shirts made of that for both of us to wear. You know how they make t-shirts for family reunions? I got t-shirts like that made, so that was my birthday present to her.

JJ: What was the nickname?

JG: I’m not going to tell you! [Laughs]

JJ: Speaking of Pennsylvania, Skylar Astin told us to ask you about when you guys took a trip up to Lancaster and to have you tell us what he did to make you stay up all night crying of laughter.

JG: [Laughs] Okay, I remember the trip… What he did? Oh, he has got his stories confused. Because I know now what he is talking about, but that happened on a different trip. When we went to Lancaster, we went as a cast. I went skinny dipping in my pool with my brother and John Gallagher Jr. Skylar was in bed, so that doesn’t make any sense for that, but what I think he’s trying to say is when we went with Lea’s family to the Hamptons. He and I and Lea and a couple of the other cast members were staying up till all hours and he had us laughing so hard because he was doing an impression of Jenna Ushkowitz [in Spring Awakening. She] is a cast member on Glee and was in Spring Awakening with us. It made us all hysterically laugh. She was there as well. That’s when he was doing it. But he got his stories a little confused so I’ve got to call him and call him out on that.


Lea Michele excited for Looking!

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Lea tweeted her excitement for Jonathan’s upcoming TV Show, Looking:

So. Excited. #LOOKING #JonathanGroff

Lea’s Two Favorite Boys

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Lea tweeted a pic of herself with Cory and Jonathan.

Me and my two favorite boys:)

May 14: Kinky Boots & Spring Awakening Reunion

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Lea tweeted that she saw Kinky Boots with Blake and Jon earlier today!

Got to see #kinkyboots tonight with @blakedan and J Groff! It was AMAZING!

It was also Spring Awakening meet up day as Lea also tweeted a pic with Lauren, Remy and Phoebe:

Me and my Spring Awakening girls:) I love them so much. @remyzaken @lolomusic and @PhoebeStrole <3

She also tweeted a whole cast reunion pic :)

Reunited and it feels so good!!!! #SAforever :)

Celebrating Jonathan Groff’s HBO Pilot pick up!

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Lea and Jonathan hung out today in New York and it was announced that Jonathan’s upcoming HBO pilot got picked up! Lea tweeted:

Time to celebrate!!!! “@DeadlineTV: Michael Lannan & Andrew Haigh’s Gay Friends Dramedy Gets Series Order At HBO

Important Site Changes (2013)

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After more than 2 years of running Lea & Jonathan Online, we have decided to make major changes to the site. We will no longer be running this as an actual site on both Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff! So, the site will still remain but will only be updated with strictly Lea and Jonathan news! So this will be like a press archive on Lea and Jonathan related articles, videos etc! The permanent url will be (a sub domain of our other site, Jonathan Groff Network). So this site is now part of that site! You will also find majority of our gallery contents over at Jonathan Groff Network!

Please be patient. All news that were on the site of them are currently being reorganized! They will appear on the press archive shortly under the appropriate dates!